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Prep/cutting board on my Lang 60

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Just finished replacing the prep board on my old Lang 60.  Used a piece of HDPE 1" 48X48.  Thought it was gonna  be to large, but decided it's always easier to cut it down if needed.  I had something similar previously that stated breaking down over 10yrs from UV.

The old board was 30X40 " and worked fine, but figured what the hay Whatasize it.  Board is mounted on the wood box.  I modified the box so that the side of it can be lowered to store wood and equipment with out having to remove the table.  Rounded the edges with a router and plan to cut some slots in the surface to put knives and tongs in so that they are out of the way.



HDPE routes pretty easy, an leaves a nice edge





Trial run just to test it out, turned out that it was not to big after all





Nice big area to prep and cut up Q when finished



easy to work off either side and not get in each others way



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Very nice!

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Looks great and a good idea

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Thanks all for your comments.  I really enjoy this Lang, but I checked out SmokinAls'  SV and really like the looks of it.  Looks like it is just right for when your just cooking for yourself and not a crowd.   Most of the time with the Lang, I just let everyone know i'm smoking an everyone brings their meat over for a smoke-arama. 

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Lots of room on that table for a poker game and beers as well!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Very nice looking board now how about cutting a smaller hole in a corner for pushing off scraps into a waiting waste bucket. I have found that to be a great adition to a good cutting board/table.

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I was thinking smaller holes to hold the beers?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great idea!

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Originally Posted by Venture View Post



I was thinking smaller holes to hold the beers?


Good luck and good smoking.

Nothing personal Mark but I like this plan better -  

Great looking board  

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Ice Daddy I am in southern Florida. 

Where did you get the Cutting board??

Great idea. Knife slots, and a whole for scraps is a great idea, I think.

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I bought the high density polyethelene at  They are in Ohio and are very friendly and helpful.  Go there online and you will see that they have just about everything plastic you could ever want.  I bought  the !"  48X48" piece just before price increase, a little over $200 with $50 ups shipping.  It weighted roughly 90 pounds.   I think the price now is $253 but not sure.  They have just about any thickness you would want, I wanted really thick piece.  You can probably find starboard or another marine grade poly down there cheaper that will work just fine.  I know that there are a lot of boat builder/suppliers in your area and they should have something that will work.  If I find one I will PM you with info. 

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McMaster-Carr also has sheets of HDPE. Looks like a 4'x4' sheet of 1" is about $208.

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I wanted to use this for our counter tops on a trailer build we are planning. Several of the group don't like the why this stuff looks after it's been used as a cutting board, all the cut marks tend to leave black streaks. Did you have that issue with the old one?

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Not really.  It will show cut marks, but I think just about everything will.  Its easy to clean, clorox, pressure wash, and if needed can be resurfaced with a belt/orbital sander.  Hope this helps.

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Looks great. You can never have too much prep area.

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