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Reverse flow concrete block smoker build

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Hi everyone!  First time poster long time reader.  I am trying to cook a whole hog for my dad's b-day this year here in Brooklyn.  I cant bury anything (which I would really love to) since most of the ground here is toxic).    I have seen some of these really cool and impressive builds to do this, but I really wanted something with easy access to the fire and good temp control.  I have made some mods to the designs that I have seen and am looking for some feedback from you folks before I emarked on this journey.  I tried to incorporate the reverse flow design into this large space to allow for more even heating.  Let me know what ya think!


Side view with top layer of block missing

Build Draft 1.jpg

View from fire box side w/o fire box (option 1)

Pit build 2.jpg


View from fire bix side w/o fire box (option 2)

Pit build 3.jpg

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Wow!  That's a lot of work for your dad's b-day!

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It's his 60th anc I'm sort of tying it into my big Memorial Day BBQ that I have each year.  I have really wanted to do a pig for a log time and have the means to do it more often.  I figure that If I can get this worked out then I'll be able to do a hog for more events instead of just bugers for the smaller ones.  I'll be posting pics of my cooking this year along with recipies since I will be making a ton of other things as well.

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cool looking build! I would go with some thicker mat'l for you RF plate, I belive the thicker mat'l will hold more heat plus give you a more even temp across the smoking chamber. 


Is this going to ba a permanent cooker, or you just going to stack it up/build just when you need it?




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I am in a rented house now, so I wasn't planning on using mortar and facing it at all.  My intention is to have the mats so that when I do buy a house I can permanently install it and add some natural stone to make it look a little better. 


I definitely agree with the thicker steel for the RF plate.  My original design had me looking at keeping cost down.  I am heading to a few scrap yards this weekend to try and find some cheaper mats. 

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Cool idea ya got going there. I also think you need a thicker RF plate. 16 gage is just under 1/16 inch thick, that's too thin in my opinion. From what I have read on the subject you want/need 3/16 or thicker. Another bit of advice is I would reinforce your expanded metal grate with some re-bar I think 3 - 4 should be enough.

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