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Where does the probe read?

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Was wondering where on the meat probes does it get the most accuate reading. Im assuming its the first 1/4" or so. Or just where the tip is. Or if you have the probe in the fattest part of the meat, say a butt, the other couple inches of the probe doesnt affect the reading?   head-wall.gif



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I just aim at the thickest part of the muscle. Stay away from any bones. I push the entire probe into the meat, if possible. I normally have about an inch of probe out of the meat. (Prior to the 90° bend).

Others will be on line to help you.

Good luck and good smoking!

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On most probes? Meat probes, that is, not the Maverick pit probes.  I have read that it is within about the first inch from the tip.


Never tested that.  Might be interesting if I figger out how to do it?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yeah its is the first couple inches away from the tip....I performed the boil test and found this out. As I was curious myself at one time.


Hope helps



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It depends on the Manufacturer...High end Thermocouple, read at the tip and are fast...Thermistor type probes are frequently 1-1.5 inches from the end...Stick the probe in the thickest part of the meat, away from bone...JJ

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I would add another caution.


In a larger piece of meat, it is easy to hit a fat pocket. 


I always double check with an instant read probe.  One therm isn't always enough.


Good luck and good smoking.

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The reason I was asking is for instance on a piece of meat that was longer but onlt a couple inches thick, would it be ok to run down thickness ways, so about a inch, or does it need to go in length wise to the middle or does it matter. Im using the Maverick unit myself. 



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It's probably going to be more accurate if you go length wise, but it's always good to check it in a couple of places when you think it's done.

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You want to insert the probe where you an get the most of it into the hunk of meat that you want to read the temp on. Now sometimes that longways an sometime that is just the end of the probe so there you have my thoughts.

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