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Can't wait to see this build complete! Thanks for looking me up. Can't wait to help ou out... Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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SOB Thanks my plans was to use the pipe burner for a fire starter. I also like BH ideas have pm him for his thoughts on my smoker, I'm also planing a pipe burner in the smoke chamber. I don't know if I will use it but I will put in just in case its needed. I have had help with the pipe burners from james at Tejas Smokers Inc. so i'm hoping thay will work fine , it sounds like thay build and help alot of people make them. I can't wait tell its done to see if I can cook on it. A long way to go and a lot to learn.


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 It was nice talking to you today , can't wait tell i get back to see what you sent me, Im sure it will be vary nice. I'm like you I'm hooked on this smokin stuff . Looking forword to see you projucts on the SMF

Thanks again MBD

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That is one sweet looking build there. Can't wait to see what's next.

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Man this is a great build . love to see it in action

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Nice work!

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That's 1 sweet build ya got going.

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Perfect ! You deff know what you are doing....

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Looking great!!

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another great build.......i envy those of you who can create with steel.

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Great start!!! Post some pictures when the dragon comes alive.Awesome fabrication keep pictures of the build coming.

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   Thank everyone for the support I appreciate it vary much. Fran and I had a great time on our eastern Caribbean vacation lots of sun and good times with friends the only bad thing was it snowed 10 inches  the week we were gone, so I had to go right to moving snow when we got home . Oh well that's nothing new for good old ND. Had some time to work on the smoker this last weekend Rob came home so we got a few things done. Thought I would share some photos with everyone.



Put in the pipe burner , don't plan to use it but its there if needed.

Rob making fire door hinges. Did a vary nice job.



Found this Stainless Steel grate at the salvage yard , made a nice fire grate.



Finely got time to weld in the flow plate.Also made the cooking grate.




Look at that door handle !!!! Thank you Smokin - K  it really looks good , wait tell its all painted.



Got the trailer put under the smoker today , it's a little heavy in the back but I have some more things to put up front to balance it out . Well its time for us to get ready for spring planting so my project is going to slow way down unless we get some rain delay or something. I was hoping to get it so we could do a test burn but it will have to wait. I will show more Q-view when i get more done. Thank for all the support on SMF.

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Looking good thumb1%20copy.gif

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    She's a BEAUT! Great work... Glad to help and happy that pull looks as good as I hoped it would... There is one more set floating out there so you may see another smoker build post with the same pull... I promise you are the only one in your state with that pull on your smoker... LOL! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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