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amznps issues using apple pellets?

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I attempted to smoke salmon in my MES 40 today using my amznps.  I filled the amznps with apple pellets.  I used the blow torch to light boths ends of the pellets.  I lit the ends and let them burn for around 10 minutes as directed.  I closed up the smoker and checked around 15 minutes later and it was still smoking.  Two hours later I went back and no smoke.  When I looked at the amznps,there was only a small portion of the pellets burned.  I restarted the pellets burning again.  I made sure to really put the blow torch to it.  Go them burning good and blew out and relit several times.  Once I let it burn for awhile, I put back into the smoker.  I have the tray pulled out about 1 1/2 " and the wood feeder is out about 1".  It went out again!  I am not sure if it's the apple pellets that are hard to burn or something else.  I used hictory pellets last weekend and didn't have this issue.

any advice?

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Did you follow the directions on opening the chip loader and vents? 

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If the pellets are not staying lit it is due to not having enough oxygen - they need plenty to burn correctly. How was the airflow around the MES 

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Your Pellets may have picked up some moisture and need a minute or two in the microwave. This can really help if it has been humid out. icon14.gif

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You might try mixing with a hotter burning pellet. Put a layer of oak first then layer the apple on top. This has worked for me with cherry.

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Try some pellets from the same batch in the AMZNPS "outside" the smoker.  If they still go out, it's wet/damp pellets.  If they burn fine, then look for an airflow issue in the smoker (ie, not enough oxygen to sustain the smolder).

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I was having similar issues with the pellets not staying lit even after burning for almost 30 min before putting it in my mes.  I think most of my problem was air flow.  I use my mes in the back of my garage with both garage doors open.  So I figured I had plenty of air.  It finally dawned on me to open a small window above the smoker, & now it seems to stay lit. 

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