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What kind of sausage should I make?

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Alright, I went to a secondhand store, and they had an electric grinder. Being as I am always keen keep my eyes open to the various signs given to us by the divine, I knew immediately that I was was not just taking a trip to the store, but following my particular path of destiny. I purchased this electric sausage grinder for ten bucks, and it even works! I've never made sausage before, but, I have made bacon with the tender quick I purchased a week or so ago. So, I'm trying to decide what kind of sausage to make.


have a seven pound picnic shoulder, tenderquick, onion powder, garlic powder, garlic, curry, a pepper grinder, crushed red pepper, mustard, and a few other things.


So, what kind of sausage should I make?

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That is the ultimate question I always ask myself!


What do you like? Spicy? Tangy? Pepperoni style? Italian seasonings? Mild summer sausage? What type of sausage do you like to eat?


Make what YOU like.


The list goes on and on, there are a ton of recipes on this site, also a bunch here:


Make sure you follow the directions for the particular recipe and you will be fine, the more you make the better you get at it.


Take your time and HAVE FUN.


Don't forget to post pictures of your sausage!





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Oh year, I have Jalapenios, dried serano, and a few other things

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To be honest, I like it all except breakfast sausage. And hot dogs. I hate hot dogs.


Thanks! And thanks for the link, I am very excited.

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The easiest sausage to start with is a ground bulk with your choice of seasonings. I would suggest that, gives you a little grinder time and more time to research cure and seasonings.

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There are many, many different techniques and tricks to making sausage.   If you follow this forum we will eventually discuss all of them but I do recommend you decide on and read a good book or two about it.  Take a little time to understand the basics behind it and everything else will fall into place.


If you want to get into it right away and make your first batch you can start with a simple fresh sausage.   Fresh sausage simply mean non cured.  It must be refrigerated at all times and  brought up the proper internal temperature in the smoker within 4 hours.  In casings or not, simple and delicious, like MossyMO said a batch of fresh sausage will allow you get some grinder time and start enjoying the hobby right away.


Just remember that food safety is important around here so keep all the food prep surfaces clean, keep everything cold and smoke or pan fry to the proper internal temperatures.


Good luck,  let us know what you decide to do and post some Qview of the process.  We like good Qview, it makes us get up from the couch and go make some of our own!

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Sweet or hot Italian sausage is a great place to start. You don't need cure & you don't need to stuff them. Just make patties. They have to be hot smoked just like any fresh sausage would.

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