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Hey jruch, I thought that might be the use of the ice pick.  Just be aware, when you're doing that you are pushing a lot of bacteria into the muscle mass of the meat, inoculating it actually.  One of the reasons we recommend not inserting your temp probe into the meat unit it's spent at least an hour or more in the smoker is to reduce/eliminate pushing bacteria into the meat.  The hour or so in the box kills most of the bacteria on the surface of the meat.  If you want to keep using your ice pick as a tenderizer, you really need to make sure you get the meat from 40* - 140* (or the newest guidelines say to 135*) in 4 hours or less.


Actually, I'm not sure how much benefit using an ice pick as a tenderizer might be compared to the risk.  Hopefully JJ or on of the other members can comment on how effective an ice pick might be as a tenderizing tool.


Just thought I'd pass this all along about the bacteria and ice pick.  Like I said, when I first saw that picture with the ice pick, I kind of figured you were using it as you state.


Hope you don't mind my pointing this all out.  Just passing it along for you to consider.  We like to practice safe smoking and cooking procedures here on the forum and also like to pass along things like this.



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Poking holes in it will let juice leak out also.

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Looks good to me.  If ya dont want it send it over.

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Hey Salt & alelover,


No problems with the feedback. I hadn't given any thought to the injection of bacteria into the meat. I did clean the ice pick prior to using it, but I understand where you're going. I also hadn't given much thought to the holes letting the juice come out.


Thank you to all who gave their feedback & ideas. I very much appreciate your help & look forward to your comments on the next cook!

Like I said before, thank you for making this newbie feel like a seasoned member of the group.

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That reminds me of Texas!

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Looks nice and Juicy, I would eat it! 

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I'm going to start a new thread with this, so don't bother to respond here.


Don't know if it's true or not.  I've read that if you put cold meat into a heavy smoke it will produce what we call a smoke ring, which in reality has more to do with how the gases in the smoke interact with the pigment of the meat.


I'm certainly going to test this in my next smoking.  I've not been getting a good smoke ring and it could be because I don't add my smoking wood until the meat is in the smoker.  With all things except chicken it's nice to have a good smoke ring.



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