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The Difference??

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Hi all


 New to this smoking stuff I'm considering a WSM also looked at a Brinkman aside from a size difference and about a $210.00 dollar difference in price does the WSM have that big of a benefit over the 85.00 Brinkman to justify the price difference

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The WSM is probably the best charcoal smoker on the market. It's very well made, holds steady temps easily, and carries the Weber name. If you go to BBQ comps. you will see a lot of WSM's being used right along side the big $10,000 smokers. I have one & wouldn't trade it for anything.

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I'll try provide an answer from the opposite side of the coin, as a former Brinkmann owner. Assuming you're referring to the round, barrel type Brinkmann,  the metal is thin, they're not adjustable, the water pan is too small, they don't hold temperature very well and the design is awkward. You'll read a LOT of posts here and articles elsewhere about how people modify them extensively to get them to work properly, and even then they really don't. Plus they're too small to smoke for anything but a small group. If you're referring to the box type, all the same statements apply except for they are adjustable, but they're made to such loose tolerances that the air vents really only slightly alter the incoming volume of air. Now, I will say that they're both a good starting point and will give you some decent food, but you'll very quickly progress to the point that you're frustrated with your smoker and desire to 'move up". If you can swing the extra money for the Weber, I'd say definitely go for it based on what I've read here and elsewhere. I haven't taken the plunge yet, but hopefully in the spring I'll be able to provide actual user feedback on the Weber.

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WEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming from a chargriller pro the WSM is so much better. Its almost like I am cheating. But, I am glad for the chargriller days as it made me have to understand the art of smoking and how to adjust on the fly. It was a lot of baby sitting, spending money for mods to make it work decent. Just like the other post, the metal is thinner, cools down quick. hard to get air flow right takes up a lot of room if you have a smaller area in which u smoke.


BUT then I got the 22 1/2 weber. OMG.. I can set it for 225 she and purrs like a cat. Ive even set it and left the house for an hour for supplies and came back to find her purring along. And I mean for hours. Its the best $360.00 I spent. Turns out great food, and has a smaller foot print than my pro griller. Cleans easy and stores great. You will NOT be dissappointed with the WSM. Not to mention the great customer service from weber!! It is here to stay. And i also would not take anything for mine. Hell I want another one hahahaha




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Thanks everyone for the information it will be factored in when i make my next purchase.

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