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The "No Name" smokehouse

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Ok- Here we go with the build of the “No Name” smoker.  After research on the web and primarily this site I decided to build my smokehouse approximately 3X3X6’ out of 1” cypress lumber.  Started with Cypress 1X12s and ripped them in to 5.5” strips.  After this I ship lapped the planks to help fitment and sealing of the smokehouse.  During this phase I also routered the edges at a 45 to give it a paneling look once assembled. 




Next up was the assembly of the two side panels and the back panel.  I spaced the shelves 10” apart (had no idea what spacing was best, but decided on this as the shelves will be removeable). 




Next up was the door-  I took the same planks used on the other sides and built the door with frame and 3 strap hinges.  Wanting to keep the build using wood materials as much as possible I decided to build a wooden door latch as well.  I will be adding the finishing touches to the door when I bolt it on after final fitting.





On to the top construction – I decided to make the top construction flat and have the center plank (5.5” wide piece) slide from end to end of the smoker to allow indefinite adjusting of the exhaust.  (I am hoping this works well).  I will be adding a gable roof soon to keep the water out.






Next up, a shelf on the exterior wall to sit the wireless thermometer on and whatever else. 




I will have the flexability to use a propane heat source as well as charcoal and an amazing pellet smoker.  Whew!  I think that’s it….for Phase I anyways.  More to come-



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I will fix the links later.  This computer is not cooperating.

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Few more pics. Of the jerky shelf housing 4 trays that are stackable for future expansion and a few of the door after trim and final fitment. 

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Wow that is a beauty. Really nice work  

You don't have to use links - use the insert image button next to the arrows and you can download direct from your PC - just choose the file and click to upload 

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You're definitely handy with the wood tools. Nice, neat work. Not crooked cuts like mine!


Looks great! Keep up the pic posting!

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Nice work Dave, can't wait to see your first smoke in it.



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Man I wish I had wood working skills. That looks awesome! I need a smokehouse.

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Nice smokehouse!!

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Pic of my thermometer mount. Project will be on hold for a week or so until I get some more cypress. Thanks for looking. Dave

Thermometer mount

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Very nice job!

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Excellent build, great woodworking talent, are you a cabinet or furniture maker by trade?  Great job!

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I appreciate the compliments, but no, I am not a woodworker by trade.  I have built very few things in the way of woodworking (an arbor over my patio and a cabinet counter outside) and not much else, but I do enjoy it and plan on doing more in the future.  Hopefully I will get my lumber needed to finish the project early next week and I can test this thing out the following weekend! 

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Nice looking set up!

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Great Job

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Loking very good!


Where did you get your temp. gauge?

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The temperature gauge came from academy. I know it's not super accurate. Just wanted something on the door for an estimate. I need to order my maverick this week as I hope to have a test run this weekend 36.gif

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Hats off to youl..........Really some inventive stuff going on with your smoker..........I'm doing a fridge build but i cant start until i get off this endless road trip i'm on.........Once again great job and welcome to SMF

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Fantastic Looking Smoke House!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Picked up the rest of my cypress this past week, but had limited progress on the smokehouse this weekend.....it was cold (hey, in Louisiana 20 degrees is cold! lol)  I did manage to frame up the roof yesterday.  Here is a few pics.





What I have left:

(3) shelves for smoking/hanging sausage

make air intakes on bottom sides

Hang tin on roof

Make cement pad for it to sit on...I hope thats it!!


USE IT!!!!



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Roof complete!



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