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Surprised no one mentioned Jeffs "Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive" Barbecue Sauce".
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I definatly prefer homemade sauces, I have tried making a few I have found online. I do like the sweet and spicy sweet baby rays. Since I found this forum, I have a lot more to try lol..
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this is my go to BBQ sauce..i get this strait from MOPAR..helps that i'm a Parts Manager at Dodge, Chrysler & Jeep Dealership

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SMOKIN COALS [they also make killer rub] my wife likes SONNYS SWEETbluesbros.gif

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Mine own, and all sweet baby rays sauce icon14.gif
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I like to doctor up sweet baby rays 'sweet & spicy'
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I grew up in St Louis eating that stuff too. Great call haha
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Billbo's recipe... OMG it is awesome! Everybody loves it... Seriously...
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I make my own and lots of different styles of BBQ sauce. My favorite style of BBQ sauce is Carolina Mustard
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Theres the Budweiser which is great, and the KC version from Guy Fietti is also great. But......

I go with Sweet baby rays, add a little garlic and hot sauce - or KC masterpiece. I don't like a super sweet - overly sugared sauce like you get at BBQ joints most of the time. Ive made my own a couple of times and appreciate the fact that its fresh, has more depth and doesn't have all the chemicals. Theres a good simple recipe I got from Franklins BBQ book and people love it when I make it. So why don't I make more????

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