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MES 30.... again?? advice please...

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Ok so I had a working MES30 that lasted less than 3 years. It died over T-Giving weekend. (story in a separate post)  I tried the wiring fix but to no avail. Granted, the symptoms weren't the same on mine but I gave it a shot before I put a bullet in it.  Anyway, I swore I would not buy another MES product (my Mom also had one die on her).   Fast forward a couple months. Now I see my local Lowe's is clearing the latest model for $150 plus I have a 10% off coupon. So do I pull the trigger and take another chance on one of these things or wait until I can afford something better?  I loved using the MES30 since it was so easy and with it being insulated, I could use it year round. I considered switching to propane but I havent seen any that are insulated like the MES.  Would love to hear thoughts from this awesome community!!


Cheers and thanks in advance....




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Lots of happy MES users here and that is a great deal 

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If you got 3 years use out of the old one, I think $50 a year ain't bad for the convenience of a MES. I had one for a couple of years and sold it to a friend of mine & it's still going strong at about 5 years old. 

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Thanks!   Oh and the other question is, do I spend the extra $25 and get the 2 yr replacement plan from Lowe's due to the track record of these smokers?

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That's up to you. I have had 2 of them & never had a bit of trouble with either one. 

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