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Another Rare Roast Beef... She turned out perfect (again)! Q-View! Lots of pics!

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After my first attempt at Rare Roast Beef being such a success and running out of the last of the frozen vacuum packed leftovers, I decided to make some more while I was smoking a ham. I picked up 2 nice sized Sirloin Tip Roasts from Costco. The first time I made roast beef I used Eye Round Roasts which came out great but decided to try something different this time.


I marinated the roasts with Worcestershire sauce, a good sprinkling of Montreal Steak Seasoning and some cracked peppercorn and put it in the fridge overnight. Yesterday at noon, I fired up the smoker and set it to 230. I put the ham and the roasts on around 12:30 and let them go.









Once the internal temps hit 135, it was time to pull them and foil them.





I let them rest wrapped in a towel for an hour and a half and then put them into the fridge for the night. The plan was to bring one to the office today for lunch and the other would be for home.  This morning I got up a bit early so I could slice up one of the roasts to bring to work. I will put the other roast on the slicer when I get home from work today.  




Fresh off the slicer! Very nice smoke ring!IMG_1065.JPG




Packed and ready to go!


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Looks great icon14.gif
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I'm going to have to give that a try.  Looks delicious    Thanks for the Qview!

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Oh Boy!! That's a beauty! Great job!

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good looking grub, cooked just the way I like it..


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drool.gifI just drooled on my key board!

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Great job - awesome color 

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So which cut did you like better?

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Lunch was a success! My mom and brother work for me and they absolutely loved it as did everybody else here. "Best Roast Beef ever" seemed to be the common comment. I was in such a hurry to eat some that I completely forgot to take pics of the sandwiches. I have another roast in the fridge at home waiting to be sliced up for dinner tonight so I will be sure to take a picture or 2 of the sandwiches and add them to this thread.  


Thanks again for all the kind feedback! I will keep the topics and q-views coming. Next one should be this Saturday when I try my hand at SmokinAl's epic Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe! That should be a real good one.  I must admit that I am very excited about that one as it will be a real learning experience.


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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

So which cut did you like better?

That's a really good question. They both came out excellent. I can't really say that one was better than the other but this cut cost a bit less and was a larger cut which made for bigger slices. Both were really tender. That said, I would not hesitate to do the eye rounds again or the sirloin tip for that matter.

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Oh yeah!!!!  Thats what I'm talkin' about!!!!   Just makes me want to growl and howl.....  Brings out the lioness in me!!!!

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Oh yes I will take some of that anyday.

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Wounderful looking beef there, nice and rare. 

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Nice smoke ring

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I sliced up the second roast when I got home from work.  I kept some for dinner and vacuum packed the rest for future meals. Here is the carnage. No sandwich shots as I opted for a ham sandwich instead of roast beef since I already had the roast beef for lunch. Everybody else ate theirs before I had a chance to take a picture. It's not as rare as the pictures depict. Between the camera and the lighting in the room, the color is a bit off.    


Picture 006.jpg


Picture 010.jpg


I really like the smoke ring that I get with my GMG. It's so damn easy to have a perfect smoke with little to no effort. Set it and forget it!

Picture 011.jpg


Vacuum packed and ready for the freezer.

Picture 012.jpg



After slicing up the second roast, I think I might opt for doing the eye round again instead of the sirloin. The eye round was much more manageable on the slicer as it wasn't as large a cut. Also, the sirloin roast had a bit of cartilage in it that I found and cut out after the smoke resulting in some odd slice shapes. Also, there was some wasted weight  as I cut away some meat that I was not enamored with due to a blood line that ran alongside the cartilage. I didn't have the same experience with the eye round and the meat was equally as good. As such, my next roast beef will likely be eye round unless I decide to do more experimenting with alternate cuts.

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Looks Great! just added to the "to cook" list

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I'm looking forward to your Chicken Cordon Bleu,  I will make some one day.  Just haven't gotten up the nerve yet, since I want to do it all.


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That looks grate!!

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