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I bought the #12 professional from Gander Mountain that was just on sale for $129.00 in stores but I bought it online with some coupons for $123.00 shipped to my door. So far it has been great. i looked at the one at NT and mine looks almost identical with the exception mine has the X disk for stuffing and has stainless grinder knife and plates where as the NT has carbon steel plates.

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I started with an old hand grinder which I used to make polish sausage.  I moved up to a waring pro from  Lowes, I think it was around $100.  It did a good job on pork butts, but I had to cut the meat inyo small pieces to fit in the necks ans was not very fast.  I actually could drink a beer while grinding and stuffing directly into the casings.  I started processing my own deer and quickly realized I needed a bigger grinder.  I bought the cabelas 1 hp and love it.  I usually am grinding 2-3 deer at one time and am done in about 30 minutes.  The downside is that you can't grind and stuff (unless you are very quick) at the same time.      


Hope this helps.

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I would stay with the northern tool........... read the reveiws for the cabelas.. Plastic gears... The NT has steel gears.. Dont get me wrong cabelas has great customer service and sells good products but The people here at SMF have given the NT grinder a hardy thumbs up.....



When I purchased from Cabelas, I stuck to the commercial-grade line of electric grinders.They're heavy-duty machines with carbon-steel gears, but not inexpensive. But it should last me a while.


- Kevin



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Well I popped for the Northern Tool/ Kitchener #12.  Should be here in a few days....I'll try and remember to post back here what I think... The problem (LOL) right now is, the freezer is full of smoked Kielbasa, smoked Andoullie and fresh Italian....I really don't NEED to make sausage right now.. but with a brand new grinder to play with... I'm going to be makin' something very shortly!  sausage.gif


I'm thinking some Bratwurst or Chirizo is in my near future....



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