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First time Qview tri tip

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We had some family over for my son's birthday last weekend.  I've read lots of posts on the tri tip, so thought I'd give one a try.  Glad I did.  Tons of flavor and really tender.  For the price, a much better bargain than the prime rib I made a couple days prior. 

Rubbed the tri tip with thick worsty, garlic powder, and onion powder.




Off the smoker at 135, looked like a murder scene, it was so juicy, and falling apart.


had to clean up the plate a little bit, most of the guests preffered everything on the medium side.


Best part, there was enough for leftovers the next day.  Top and bottom covered in smoked swiss.164_1024.JPG


Thanks for looking, and thanks for all the shared knowledge, couldn't have done it without everything I've learned here.


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Looks Mighty tasty!

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Great job Bookem

the Tri Tip looks perfect drool.gif



         BD.gif  to your son

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TriTip is the most amazing meat ever 

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Nice looking Qview,  Happy Birthday Jack!

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Love me some TriTip and yours looks just great...And a Very Happy BDY to your son..

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Even though the photo was a little blurry, that sammie looks delicious! Great job, and Happy birthday to your son!

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I definitely have to work on my photography skills.  The sammie looked to good, I probably rushed so I could get down to eating.

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