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thinking about one

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what do yall think the best propane smokers is ?  how long will a bottle of gas last

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Sorry, I am a wood burner so I can't give you personal advice but I hear a lot of good things about the Master Forge. 



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I can't say what is the best, I have had only one, a Master Forge dbl door from Lowes $149.99 that I just bought a couple of months ago.


Home Depot sells a Brinkman for the same price.


I liked the MF better because of the dbl doors, an extra shelf, and the doors lock with a handle and not a magnet.


I'm new to the smoking scene so take that into consideration. For the price I already got my money out of it cooking many good food on it.

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I have an older GOSM that has worked real well for me.  The temps don't waver and it's solidly built.  They don't make the model I have anymore - it's all stainless - but I would take a good look at what GOSM has to offer.


Good luck,



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IMO, the best propane smoker is the one you build yourself! More room, less cost (potentially), and they're fun to build.


Check out the smoke house section and give it some thought.

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Check out this thread, This unit us a good solid unit



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that GOSM looks nice. if you can't find it there is a thread on here about the masterbuilt XL mods. it will get the job done out of the box but if you want to tinker to get it just they way you like there are some great mods there:

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You hear a lot of good things about a GOSM & for the price it's hard to beat. I have a Smoke Vault 24 & I love it.

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