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Radio Tonight

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I am going to be on the radio tonight talking BBQ.  The show is the Cindy Cochran show a local show she was on Johnny Carson twice though so she does have a small following.  Hoping this turns into a regular segment we will see what happens.  You can stream the broadcast at at 6pm ct.  We will be taking calls I think and I am going to try to plug this website.

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First a movie star & now a radio personality. Are you still gonna talk to us peons?


Just kidding! Congratulations! It good to see your hard work paying off for you!

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We are going to have to change your name to "All Media" the way things are going - Congrats to a well deserving guy 

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OK got some good news one of my sponsors is going to be giving me product to give away tonight to listeners free rub and bbq sauce.

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Wow, your on a roll. Congratulations and good luck tonight!

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I wish ya all the best ECTO1 !!!

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Way to go!!! What's the call in number? Maybe some people here will call in.

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TAG popcorn.gifwill try to tune in... good luck you are a naturalicon14.gif

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I go on at about the 26 minute and finish at about the 41st minute.

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Go gettum!


Marketing pays, and I hope it pays for you!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I tried to tune in but keep getting stream not found error, must have been alot of folks tuning in.

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I had that issue a couple of times too.  I just skipped ahead and then it worked.

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You did a really good job, such a natural! She wasn't very good, looks like that was her first show. They need to scrap her and make it the ECTO SHOW!



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Congrats Ecto !

 Like we used to say back in the day, You have the face for radio. LOL

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I wish I could of heard it. Congrats on it though.
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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

I wish I could of heard it. Congrats on it though.



The video is right here so you can watch it!

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After seeing your video, I can say you are going to be Outstanding!..Have fun, relax and just let what you know flow...I did a weekly 10 minute Food Talk radio show for 2 years...Covered School happening, and handled listener call in questions...It was Awesome...JJ

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I was on The Alan Handleman show once and got to talk to Dr. Demento.

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Ecto, you were great.... I thought she was going down the "anti hunting" road with shooting bambi etc. but it turned out OK..... Let us know when she films you the next go round....... I think you made her nervous.....  Dave

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