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Attempting my first butt....

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just threw a 5 pound pork butt (4.88lbs for those that like precision) into the smoker. this is my first attempt at a pork butt. if i researched correctly, it should take about 1.5 hours per pound, correct? I know, I know, we dont smoke for time limits, instead we smoke until it reaches a certain temp ;-) what temp does it come off? is it 190 degrees? Will post pics during the whole process.








Just threw it on after rubbing it down with a quick rub that i threw together consisting of brown sugar, sea salt, paprika, garlic powder, onion flakes and black pepper. I am useing hickory wood to smoke it.

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Looking good DB


If you want to make Pulled Pork you can pull it off around 200º - 205º IT

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I know many say 1.5 per pound, but all mine have taken more like 2 per pound.  I always get a long stall.  Good luck and have fun.

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im stuck in a long stall and have people coming over for the game, its easier to finish earlier than later

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Two hours in and looking good!




while i was sitting there drinking a nice ice cold Bud (Lets face it, beer and Barbecue are a beautiful combination) it dawned on me that the top shelf of the smoker seems to be missing something, so i had my wife run down to the store and pick up some Jalapenos, cream cheese, shredded cheese, bacon, and kielbasa...... ABTS!




(and no that's not my pretty finger nails.... he he, the wifey likes to make the ABT's.


We are also making Pbt's (Polish buffalo turds) Kielbasa cut up into fat discs, then scoop some of the meat out to make it shaped like a bowl, then you stuff it with cream cheese/Cheddar cheese and wrap with bacon.

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Well the butt looks good and why don't you make the pork shotz? The pieces of keilbasa and wrapped with some bacon and filled with stuff.


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Everything is looking great so far 

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Looks like a great start!

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It is a starte to a great meal

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4 hours in, also threw in the ABT's and stuffed keilbasa 






Finished ABT's and Kelbasa



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Finished product, was very pleased with myself if i dont say :-) 





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It may be just the pics But i think i'm seeing blood and uncooked fat in that pork butt.

 In my opinion that meat is not done .

Not trying to start any trouble but if you had a 200 -210 finished temp .You need to calibrate your thermometers.

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Looks-Great.gif very nice job on your first butt

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I think it might be the Pics Bob...But you are right looks like it was under 200*F and seems a bit dense rather than falling apart...I bet it was still tasty!...JJ

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yeah, i grew impatient and pulled it at 190, ooops, but it was still delicious, i have got to learn some patience

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Looks good! I grew impatient the first time I did a pork butt and pulled at 190 - had to use the electric knife to chop it up. I had started it rather "late" also figuring on the 1.5 - 2 hrs per pound.....needless to say I never had one cook quite that fast. Two summers ago for July 4th I ended up sleeping in a tent overnight in the backyard to keep tabs on 2 butts I was doing for the next day. They were about 18 hours. Mine have usually averaged about 12 hours. It was definitely worth the time spent though as I'm sure many on here who have done similar could fact this forum is where I learned about the overnight smoking sessions along with a lot of great tips! smile.gif

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