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Sourdough Black Raspberry Rolls

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My sweet tooth got the better of me today, so this is what came about. I already had some frozen sourdough bread dough in the freezer, so didn't have to make a new batch. I first rolled out the dough balls into about 5" circles (sort of). Spread with whipped cream cheese and a layer of Mrs. Walle's homemade black raspberry jelly. Rolled them up, pinched the seams together, brushed with butter and let raise for about an hour. Then frosted with a simple powdered sugar glaze. Mmmmmmmmmm good!

Thanks for checking out my dessert.


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I bet those are good with a hot cup of coffee   Thanks for the idea, going to be doing this next time we have company spend the night!

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Here I am with coffee in hand wishin I had one of those to go with it......drool.gif

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AWW Man you are killing meand I have not had breakfast yet....Thats a great job !

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Man those look great Keith- we did some of Gunny's chocolate roll yesterday with our NEW starter - thanks again - coffee shipping to you tomorrow 

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Thanks for all the replies.  Gary, I'd love to see the chocolate roll.popcorn.gif

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Those rolls look delicious!

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Originally Posted by mballi3011 View Post






Yes   Yummy


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All right now Kieth... now ya done it... I am gonna so steal this from you!icon14.gif
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