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SSR question

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I am going to use SSRs to control my heating element on my fridge conversion. my question is if I mount them inside of a stainless steel  enclosure can I mount the heat sinks on the outside and sink the heat through the SS, Or do I have to cut a hole and put the heat sinks through it. I would use paste between the SSR the SS and the sink.

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That is basically what I did.  I used an extra deep single gang electrical box, drilled two holed through the back, and attached the heat sink to the SSR with the back of the electrical box sandwiched between.  From the sounds of it your will be even better because the SS is perfectly smooth.


One thing to consider is the rated current capability of the SSR and how close to that rated current you are running.  For me it was a 1500 watt element, and I used a 40A rated SSR and heat sink, so I had plenty of head room.  The lost in heat transfer efficiency with the electrical box in between (it was not smooth so there are a couple air gaps) was OK.




P.S. - it was a metal electrical box

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Thanks! I am using a 40A SSR and a 2100W element.

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