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Big Sky Bacon with Q-View

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I bought 2 belly's from a local butcher here last month. I didn't have time to do them in December so I cut them in thirds, vac packed them and froze until new years eve. I figured it was an easy way to count the curing days if I started on Jan 1st.


Today I am doing one of the belly's, each belly weighed 11.25 lbs. so each third weighed in at approx. 3-3/4lbs.


I mixed up Pops brine on new years eve and started the clock, every couple of days I would rotate the pieces and give them a little stir.


I did a fry test last Monday Jan. 9th (easy to remember how many days they have been in) he-he. The fry test was just right, I let them go one more day and pulled them out, rinsed in cold water and toweled them off, let them sit to dry and develop a nice pelicle at 34F - 38F.


I decided to leave one plain (the wife likes plain with a hint of salt), one with maple, and one pepper crusted.


Today I loaded up the AMA-ZEN with Hickory, I preheated the MES on a 100F for about half an hour, the ambient temp. here when I put them in is around 23F. I turned the MES off and just let the AMA-ZEN do it's thing, the temp is holding nicley right around 100F.


I will be monitoring the bacon closely! More pics to come.


New Years Eve












Day 10 - Out of the brine






Some nice thickness to this belly




Regular (no extra seasoning)






















Into the MES at 9:00am





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looks_great.png  Waiting for more q-view!  cheers.gif  popcorn.gif

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Looks great so far!

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Looks like a good start!

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is it done yet?? lol looking good so far

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About 11 hours later in the MES @ 100F - 120F with the A-MAZEN and Hicory I took the bacon out for a rest overnight at 35F.


I don't have my slicer YET, so I am thinking about asking the butcher shop where I bought my bellys to slice it up for me.


Turned out really nice, great color. I will post money shots when we fry some up.


Thanks for looking!


About 2 hrs. in...




10 Hrs. in




Maple - Pepper - Plain















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The Bacon looks awesome and what is this B-view????? We call it Q-View here at SMF.

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If that bacon tastes as good as it looks, you will have my vote as pork barrel king.

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This all looks Awesome...Great pics...JJ

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Looks-Great.gif What great color on the bacon, very nice job

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Nice lookin BACON!

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icon14.gif icon14.gif icon14.gif  Very nice indeed!  Great color!

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Finally got enough time to fry up some of my Bacon!


It was great, not too salty and just right on the smoke taste, the neighbors thought it was good too!






Breakfast for DINNER...YUM!



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Great Qview!  Looks delicious, congratulations on your successful bacon quest

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Nice Job. I just picked up a belly the same size as yours. I've never done it before either so I might try a few different methods as well as flavors.


Which one was your favorite. Did you just rub some maple on the one belly before you put it in the smoker? I did that with my CB and it turned out beautiful and was thinking of doing it again with the belly. I prefer a hint of sweet so I don't brine mine in any maple or sugar or honey.


I mine as well not even post mine because it will look just like yours! (well, I hope it does!)

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Great! I love the smell when you open up a bag.

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Vary Nice !!!  makes me want to start my own batch , like gersus said love the smell  O------Sooooo -------Good. Keep up the work



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If my bacon turns out that good look-n i'm going to frame it..........great job

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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

Great Qview!  Looks delicious, congratulations on your successful bacon quest

Not much more to say really,colour is particularly good. Ambient temp 23f had me getting out conversion chart to celcius, certainly bacon eating weather!


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