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Need some help identifying a cut of beef please :(

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Hey guys :)


very new to all this so forgive my complete ignorance , but i asked my butcher to give me some short ribs so i could try out a new recipe.


However , for some reason he gave me the short ribs , but also with a squareish chunk of meat on top of the short ribs. Its partitioned with a thin layer of fat inbetween the chunk of meat and the short ribs themselves. The short ribs are quite easy to seperate from the chunk of meat that is on top ( as big as a roast really). He gave me plenty of ribs so i can still do my initial recipe , however i have no clue what sort of cut the big chunk of meat on top is. Any help here would be much appreciated , since i need to know how i will handle. Im thinking that it is probabaly some cut of chuck and that i can use it for braising or stewing but i just dont want to risk it , since it would be a total waste of my money if i end up destroying that cut. And my freezer is currently filled with that cut , since he gave me 3 massive cuts of these ( all of them with several short ribs underneath! )


Hope i managed to explain myself and really appreciate any help on this :)



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Does this help any


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Welcome to the forum Catty!  This site has a bunch of great folks that know A LOT about smoking that will help you out in a flash with your questions!


Might you have a picture of the piece of meat in question?  I think I know what you're talking about but a picture would surely help.


Also, could you please head over to Roll Call so we all can give you a proper welcome?



Whole bunch of fellow smokers here… you'll have plenty of company!



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A pic would sure help.

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wow guys thx alot for the fast responses :)







here are 2 pics ive just made of the cut , underneath that cut is where the short ribs were located, i have removed all of them ( as i said above , they come off very easily , it seems to just be fat and some connective tissues holding these 2 cuts together) and am now lwft with three of those cuts.


Thx for the warm welcome allrdy Salt and i will deffinately intorduce myself on roll call laters once ive started on braising my short ribs for tonight!

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Catty, it's still a little hard to tell but from your pictures and the description.  I've never purchased short ribs and had that much extra meat attached.


I think what you have left is part of the rib eye roast... or rib steak... both of which are very nice pieces of beef.  If I'm right, you have a very nice butcher indeed!  Perhaps someone that knows for sure will be along and set us straight.


Let us know how this all turns out.  And, we love q-view (pictures of your smoking)!



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I would call the butcher. I am sure he can explain what you got and how best to cook it..

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That is the cross rib section off an arm shoulder roast bone-in...:


chuck cross rib.jpg



This is the skeletal diagram of a forequarter:


fore rib side w desc.jpg



On the dividing line separating it into halves, the lower half has the Square Cut Chuck, the Arm Shoulder and the Brisket Shank.  On the Arm Shoulder, the lower part is the Arm roasts and the upper half is the Shoulder Roast with ribs attached, i.e. the Cross Cut Shoulder roast above.  You got all but the shoulder roast part, the ribs with attached meat.  You can cut those into country style boneless beef ribs, or stew, or (if you have a cubing machine) make cube steaks, grind it, coarse grind for chili meat, etc.; many things you can do with it.  It is not a very tender cut but when braised and cooked with moisture it will tender up once the meat fibers break down (like pot roast).

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I was going to say  ask Pops but he beat  me to it.

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Catty, that is a great piece of meat you have there.  I buy those occasionally.  I have left the rib on in the past.  I was considering cutting it off like you did, and cooking it brisket style.  I think there is enough marbling and fat to make it come out nice.


Here are the ones I left the bone on.  I separated the ribs, though.

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Thx alot for all the help! Busy day tomorrow but next week will deffinitely look into some of the recipes here to get some ideas what to do!  will keep you updated.

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Now to me it looks like a sirloin tip or somethig like that. Now Pops is the man thou. But when I was in Germany thy had some funny looking kinds of meat an specially beef they had cuts that I couldn't figure out.

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Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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