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Hi every one .

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I hope every one had a good Holiday season. We did here.

Put on a couple fatty's and a tender loin. Can't wait till they are done. :)




Al most done. YUMMY.



Ok. Every thing came out great. Had my kids come over for diner and they loved it.The pork loin was very good.

Don 015.jpg



Oh by the way. Guess whats for breakfast this morning.   :)

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Looks-Great.gif  Don't forget the close-ups with the smoke ring!

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They all look great.  I moved you out of the roll call section over here to the fatties so folks looking for food posts can find this 

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Good luck and good smoking.

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Hey Kid....Long time no see!! How ya been doin?



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looking like a good start

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Looks good to me

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