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What glue to use

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I am attempting to make a wooden smokehouse and am not sure what kind of glue can be used if any.


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Glue for what?  To attach the plywood to the 2x4s, or to attach the roll roofing to the roof?    Is this a cold smoke or do you intend to get the temps higher in the smoker?

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Like Al said "what for" if you want to connect the plywood to the wooden studs use screws or nails. Now you could throw s tin on the top for he rain but other then that I wouldn't use glue. 

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When i built my smokehouse i did not use any glue. It will contract and expand. and you dont want it airtight.

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Would like to get temps higher than cold smoke. Definitely won't use any glue. Thanks for the input, want to do it right.

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If your going to use some sort of ply then you dont want to exceed 180* or you risk the leaching of compounds from the ply.


If you use hardwood lumber then you might get away with 200/225

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I'm not sure why you want to glue, as others have pointed out.


Having said that there are FDA approved glues out there for indirect food contact.  One is Titebond III, probably available at your local box store.


Good luck and good smoking.

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