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I just my 732 today and I was wondeing if you can use the second or (barbeque) probe for a second piece of meat? Sorry if i did a repost on this, i looked and didnt see a previous post.
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That probe is a blunt probe and is not designed to penetrate meat.  My only concern would be damaging the probe trying to insert it into the meat.  You can order extra probes really cheap so you might want to do that and save the box probe for the smoker 

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you can use it if you buy another meat probe


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Scarbelly & Big Casino.. Thanks! Lol I didnt even look at them. Kinda like reading instructions first biggrin.gif
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There is a good store online that sells them that I know of ...... HHHmmmm  lol Like the guys said save the one probe for the smoker down the road and just order a extra food probe.

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The pit probe is designed differently.  It measures temps over the avrerage of its length and is slow to respond to temp changes.


The meat probe measures temps toward the end and is quicker to respond.


I would not use them in an interchangeable manner.


Good luck and good smoking.

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wow good info to know. Guess I was using my 73 wrong at times. Most likely explains the big difference in temp readingsicon_redface.gif

Directions what directions we don't need no stinking directions......LOL I confess I never read the directions it's a thermometer 

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I guess you can use the food probe as a smoker probe, but not the other way around.

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Also don't panic if you test them in Boiling water and they are not identical...They can be a couple of degrees off and take a few minutes to settle...I panicked and talked to Todd and he got me straightened out...JJ

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

I guess you can use the food probe as a smoker probe, but not the other way around.

Yup.  I do that with an older one when I am slow roasting in the oven and don't need the wireless remote.

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