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1938 fridge progress

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Here's some pictures of the build so far.  Its been slow going mainly because I want to keep this enjoyable and the beer consumption usually slows me down.  This is whats been done so far and what I'm thinking of:  removed and discarded the old insulation, to be replaced with formaldehyde free non-batted insulation, removed all the plastic and rubber trim and replaced it with steel, cut in an inlet vent - 10x2 floor vent with damper, cut in exhaust vent - 4" dryer vent with flapper, installed 1000 & 500 watt hot plate burners with controls, installed 1/8 1x1 angle iron for selves.  I want to keep this project relatively inexpensive, so I used a modified hot plate for the heat source, but I'm not sure if they will withstand the prolonged heating.  Any thoughts?


outer inner door.JPG


inner box.JPG




inlet vent side.JPG



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Very nice! I love the wood grain finish.

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Looking good so far, nice work!

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Looks alot like my fridge, I had the same burners, it was hard for me to get to 200 degrees, went to outdoor store and bought a 40.00 brinkman replacement burner and now have no problems gettin to 300 if I wanted to. Hope yours works great cause it sure looks great.

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Looks like it's coming along nicely!

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Beer consumption is key for a good build.  Hope you bought a new fridge too keep the beer cold before you cut it apart!!!!

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the beer drinking must be going well no more pics LOL I wish I was on this prodject!!!!

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i love beer

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Cool Build




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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