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Made a ham, used pop's cure recipe and cured it for 3 weeks, then i smoked it till it was at 150 degrees.




Just out of the cure




out of the smoker




sliced up and ready to eat!

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Nice job Dog!...looks tasty...JJ

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Looks great . Nice job icon14.gif
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Oh Boy! That's a beauty! Great job!!!

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Looks mighty tasty - Great job 

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Isn't Pops brine amazing?! Great project and awesome final product! Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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Fantastic job on the ham. Looks-Great.gif

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Great job on the ham 2thumbs.gif



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Originally Posted by D31TY View Post

Does it taste better right out of the smoker, or is it better to cook it to a proper internal temperature in the oven like a store-bought ham? which is best for sandwiches?


and can you take a ham straight from the brine to the oven, and bypass the smoker? and what would that effect be?



Initially cook it in the smoker to an internal temp of minimum 146° throughout for fully cooked (150° or higher to be safe).  Then, once chilled after initial meal, reheat to minimum 135° in the oven or in the smoker to re-serve, or slice and fry, bake a slice, etc.


You could take it from the brine to the oven and bypass smoking, you'd have pickled cooked pork with no smoke flavor, much like pickled pig hocks in a jar.  For true ham flavor, you'd be best served smoking it.

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Your ham looks mighty darn yummy to me too.

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Wow it looks like a great ham

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