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The First and the Last

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The first smoke on my new WSM and the last smoke of 2012.


This all started on Man Man's thread: which I proceeded to if he wants  to come in here and talk about anything under the sun that is OK by me. Hopefully he won't talk about the Packers...but I deserve that! The turkey turned out pretty well. The white meat was a tad dry but very tasty. I did learn a lot but I still have a ways to go. the pictures are crap because I used my iphone...and I forgot to take pictures before we ate!





I coated the turkey with a Lime paprika rub I was given for Christmas, good stuff. I put the turkey on a rack over a pan with ~ 1 cup of water and 1 cup of fruit juice (pomegrante apple or something) and ended up with 1 quart of drippings! I put it in the fridge and took the fat layer off and my wife did her gravy magic. You could taste the sweet from the juice which gave it a saurbraten-ish flavor. I thought it was tremendous. This picture is after I removed the fat cap and warmed it up but before my wife worked on it.




I used Hickory and apple chips throughout the smoke and Mesquite at the end. Not sure if I'm a big mesquite fan.

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From the looks of that delicious turkey?


I hope it was your last smoke of 2011, and not your last smoke of 2012?


Good luck and good smoking.


P.S.  And this comes from a guy who doesn't like turkey.

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Looks great I bet it tasted good too

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Whoops...I'm sealing my own fate! It was supposed to be 2011!

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Good lookin' Bird...I don't see where you Brined the Turkey, that makes a huge difference in final moisture in the breast...JJ

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I did brine Jimmy. I used the Slaughterhouse brine recipe by tip. I didn't have the spices he had so I improvised. That is the third time I've used that brine. I like it. My main problem was I finished the breast at 195. The WSM got away from me.

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My wife turned the rest of it into Turkey & wild Rice soup. The smokey scent filled the whole house! It was excellent.



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Did someone say Packers?


Best chicken noodle soup I ever made was with a whole smoked chicken. Your turkey looks great from start to finish!!


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YAAAAA Buddy the Pack rules in my book. Yes I'm a die-hard cheese head transplanted in Chiefs country. (sorry couldn't resist) sausage.gif


That turkey looked Excellent Very nice job. I smoke lots of turkeys and your color is Great. points.gif


LOL when i saw "last smoke of 2012" I was like ooh no someone giving up. Then I kept reading and realized it must be a typo. 

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The turkey & the soup look great! Nice job!

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If you have not tried making soup from the remains of a smoke you need to get on it! The smell was great and we gobbled it down...get it, gobbled...alright I'll stop.


...and I'm a Bears fan...

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x2 on the soup made from smoked chicken or turkey!


....and I'm a Steelers fan... OK, let the th_violent5.gifbegin.....

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The bird looks nice but the soup is where its at drool.gif

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It looks good and the soup idea is great one

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