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Crazy cool. And a real head turner!  Go wild cat.

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Thanks D B. that's a mighty nice rig you got there. I'm sure it turns. A lot more heads toward the Q that comes off it. This forum sets a really high bar, and I'm sure you'll agree that we inspire each other with new ideas that just keeps getting better
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Yeah, PM me your address so I can stop by. That setup is pretty darn awesome!  Plus, is that a 56 chevy? Hoping to restore my grandpa's old truck these days.

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I know what you mean. I'm still hoping to finish my 66 buick wildcat,  All progress on it stopped when I started smokin. But One of these days........ Now where's my seat.

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Sweet only needs one table for all those cookers.

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Just too coolllllll. what else can i say...........nothing..........great job

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Finally got my seat back from the upholstery shop. I guess I'll put alligator  on the menu." smoke fried" of course.

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Salbaje... You are my hero!

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Well tomorrows the big day to see if my Q can compete with the big boys. I'm competing in chicken and tri-tip   niether is my strong suit, but I'm sure I'll pick up a few pointers from the pros

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My keg should come in handy during those all day cookouts

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how did you do in the competition?

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Very nice , however I would lose weight trying to keep up with the grill and smoker ,as it rotated like that...ROTF.gif.


Cool idea icon14.gif

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A captian's chair, a keg of beer, killer Q, all that's left to add is a wide screen TV for the soccer games.

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Had  a Great time and met some great people. One thing I learned is that I need to take a class on what The judges look for. At this particular cookout we were allowed to deep fry, so I did some of my signature ribs. where I slow smoke the for a few hours, and finish them with a light dusting of seasoning and a 30 second dip in my deep fryer.   Everyone loved them but that method must have caught the judges by surprise. I recieved a nine from one judge and a three from another. But overall a great time was had by all, And my rig was the hit of the show.

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