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My Outdoor Kitchen

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y1pfAXuUNy5393W6xNuJ0aXajtlgIKjyeDKKt8dSvcndTjkT-Xm_N4ljQCWx-sHdpImSOmK8BzYhU4.jpg    Phil Williams (thailandphil) and my wife Lek Chiang Mai Thailand. Woodfired, Grill, Smoker, Pizza Oven and Bar. Be happy to give details and design.

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Looks great Phil!!!


Nice chatting with ya too!!



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Phil,  I can see by the smiles you both are very happy with the results.  Beautiful kitchen!

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That is very awesome!  I've wanted to build something like that for a long time. Looks like y'all really enjoy it too... very cool!



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That's sweet! Nice job!

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WOW what a great set up. Very nice - I am jealous 

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nice set up......i could have a lot of fun with that!

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drool.gif i am speechless. that is the greatest looking outdoor setup i have seen. outstanding.

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Whoa!  Send me a plane ticket?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Very very nice Phil!!
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Phil That looks great, wish I had a party pad like that!

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Wow now send me some lumpia and pancit!

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Thats what I'm talkin bout..great job , it came out very nice..Now to entertain !  I know you will get a lot of enjoyment and good times out of your project. :)Looks-Great.gif

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WOW that is very nicely doneLooks-Great.gif


I can also tell it works GREAT from that pizza. EXCELLENT job there points.gif

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Phil it looks great i love the idea of the build in smoker wow .

is it wood smoker or did you add gas burner? and  is the chimney in the front of the pizza oven or in the back?

next trip to Asia i will drop in to give it a test run biggrin.gif

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Love it Phil!! Got any more build pic's?

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I want one. Looks awesome!!

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