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Char griller temp problem

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I have been practicing controling heat on my chargriller. I wanted to control heat on my propane grill to 250 using indirect heat. I turned the two outside burners on and left the middle one off. I placed my oven thermometer over the unlite burner.I turned the outside burners all the way to low, thinking when the grill heated up the temp would be below 250 and all I would have to do was to ajust the burners to reach 250. WRONG. The temp kept climbing till it was above 400. How can I get the temp to 250 and hold if The burners were at their lowest setting? Just trying to learn my grill so I can eat as good as you guys. THANKS.

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Have you tested your thermometer for accuracy?  Even good ones can be off by quite a bit.  You can test it with boiling water (should be 212*).  Always start with properly calibrated thermos.


If your thermo is accurate, try just one burner on as low as possible.  


Does your model have a smoke stack?  If so, was it wide open as well?  If not, you may have to figure out how to vent smoke and heat by installing one in order to keep temps down.

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I checked my thermomerter in boiling water and it checked 210. Mygrill has two smoke stacks. I guess I will try one burner next time and see if I can control temp that way. Thanks for the info.

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