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A butt question

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I've done alot of pulled pork but never injected one. Would the flavor be to much if inject my finishing sauce and put my rub on the out side or should i just stick to the old saying if it aint broke dont fix it?

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I say this is all about experimentation.  Give it a whirl and let us know!  That's where the fun is, isn't it?

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Thats what i was thinking but didnt want to ruin a chunk of meat. It shouldnt be to bad cause i put the sauce on after it being smoked right.

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I also have not injected a butt, I think it adds to the smoking time - that seems to make sense to me.  If you try this, I'm interested in seeing and hearing about the results also! 


Good luck,



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remember the 40-140 in 4 rule though. personally, I didn't care for it each time I injected. But in usually only did a simple injection. Let us know how it goes.
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I too have never injected a butt. I have brined them but never injected. I too am with the extermination crowd, I just smoked a turkey that was brined in cranberry juice and injected with cranberry juice, OJ and jellied cranberry sauce. Can't hurt to try, and as others have said post the results. 

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If you do inject remember you will have to get the IT from 41 to 135 in fours. This is why many of us don't inject butts or brisket. 

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I tried injecting a pork butt once. I really couldn't tell that much of a difference between it and not injecting. Maybe it had to do with the injection(apple juice and honey) I used. But now when I want more flavor I just sprinkle rub on the pork right after pulling. Less hassle too.

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Now if you inject the meat it should keep some of the flavors of your injection. I would think because it is a somewhat dense piece of meat but it would allow the injected liquid to seep around the injection area. Thous flavoring the injected area

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Thanks for all the input. What does the 40-140 in four hrs rule mean? Ive never injected anything. I'm thinking saturday is when ill be smoking.

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Last pork butt I smoked was injected with Dr. Pepper. It was one of the best pulled porks I have ever had. Not sure if it was the result of the injection or the cut of meat but I will definately be doing that again.

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Hi Bodyman!


The 40-140 in 4 hrs rule means you need to make sure you take the IT from 40° - 140° in 4 hours or less to meet the USDA safety guidelines to be safe.  So that I don't mis-state anything, there is a good thread to review.


Good luck!

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I'm going to be doing a butt this weekend so I'm going to give the Dr Pepper a try!  That sounds interesting!

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Thanks for info on the 40-140 in 4. Suppose to be in the upper 30's sat so I might just wait till it gets a lil warmer to try an injection. I hate the cold. I'm still gona do a butt and i'll see if the woman will help get the pictures on her laptop to post. All I have is my smart phone and can't upload from it. Again thanks!!!
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