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Trying to find out what size tank i have ?

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2011-12-31_12-13-45_881.jpg                                  I am new to this smoker thing, i have decided to build my first RF/ or any smoker for that matter.  I have been looking for a few months for a propane tank and picked a tank up for  free this last weekend, I'm trying to find out what size this thing is.  its about 6 foot long and around 2 foot wide give or take a few inches.                                                                                                                            Its pretty big and the more i look at it the more perfect it looks for what i want. My father in law and Brother in law bother have big smokers and they look at me like I'm stupid cause I'm building an RF , " telling me that it wont work" cant wait to prove them wrong!!


Like i said I'm new to this and I'm kinda building this off what everyone has talked about on this forum. i know i want to do a square shape fire box, but i guess right now I'm trying to figure out the size of everything so i know what i need to get for material. any help or web sites would be gladly appreciated.  What do you all think about buying blue prints online, i kinda feel like i really don't need to  do that, seems like there is alot of helpful people and experienced people here. 

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I am guessing it is a 150 gallon tank.  great size for a reverse flow!

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Try this link for sizes it should give you a good idea

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u could try using the ratio calculator thats posted all over this site it lets u put in the length and diameter . never seen a propane tank with dimensions like that in this area curious if thats a standard size

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I agree with the 150 gallon estimate.  Based on your rough dimensions, the formula should be 3.1416 x (12 x 12) x 72 ÷ 231 = 141 gallons.  Close enough to call it 150 gallons.


BTW, welcome to SMF.





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thanks , im like a kid in a candy store on here lol 

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OK I'm going off 18 cubic ft  , so i have decided to make my FBI 25x25x25   which will give me a 6in stack about 27 1/2 inches in the air. i want to stick with the 6in stack, I'm going to get a chrome one, i just think that looks big and bad.  My question  is do you think this is over kill and is there any pros and cons to what I'm planning , again this is an RF build.

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should the stack run all the way down to the cooking grate? or flush with the top? 

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If it's a reverse flow it can be cut to fit the contour of the top of the smoker and work just fine

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pepsi.gif110.gif the build. Please post lots of pics. I love a good build

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Steve another thing to consider is the cuts you can get out of a 8x10 sheet of steel. this  could save you some money. Here is another great tool i found.

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thanks , thats a nice little tool to have, and yes im all about saving some money, i think everyone is.

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Go for it it is a lot of fun

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Go ahead. You'll be glad you did. And when you have a build that you engineered you'll be so proud. There's plenty of help on this site. Everyone's friendly.


Read other builds and you'll get lots of ideas. There's a lot to consider.


Get a trailer that's a little heavier than you think you'll need because these reverse flow builds add up quick in the weight department. Looking at your 150 I'd say a minimum of 2000 lb. GVW. You are always adding more to it.


And take your time. Little problems do work themselves out with the help of the other builders on this site.


I am just about finished with my build and I never built a smoker before.


Good luck and keep us all posted with pictures as you go.

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steveo412, were are you from ? their may be another member within range that will be willing to give you a hand.........

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Ya, good luck.  Take your time and enjoy.  I built my first RF in the spring of 2009.  They are great cookers.  Ask lots of questions and post lots of pictures.  You will enjoy looking back at them.

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