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Chicken and wood question ...

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Opinions wanted about apple wood and chicken.  I'm trying to branch out with different woods besides mesquite and hickory and have been looking at the fruit woods.  If we're big hickory and mesquite lovers, is apple going to be too mellow you think??  Is cherry any stronger??  Thanks!




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I use apple / pecan mix on chicken and love it. 

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I think if your used to Mesquite and hickory that apple wood, might be a bit mellow for you, but that might not be a bad thing with stuff like chicken, and even some pork loins and such

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I use hickory on just about everything & mesquite on poultry. I have tried other woods, but I guess I'm a smokeaholic because I like the flavor of mesquite on chicken.

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Cherry is a bit stronger than apple; plum is even a little more aggressive, IMHO.  Both are great on poultry (so is apple).  Ash (an Olive tree family member) is wonderful on poultry as well.  I've also used walnut with great results.  The apple/pecan mix Scar recommends is a good and very common method.  Try some different ones & combos and see what you like.  Experimenting is most of the fun -- besides the eating, I mean!



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I have used apple, Cherry, hickory, and mesquite  they are ordered in the strength of smoke. I like any and all or a mix there of

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