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My first smoke: 2 Boston Butts

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Was going to go with a brisket on my first smoke, but had to switch to a Boston Butt at the last minute.





Turned out pretty damn good for my first smoke...cant wait to smoke anything I can get my hands on!




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they look good, did you get any pulled pics?  That was a good first smoke.

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They sure look great! How'd they taste? Were they tender & juicy?

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They turned out great...super juicy.  I had no idea how it would turn out being my first smoke and was pleasently surprised.  My father in law couldnt stop raving about how good it was...and he is very picky about his meat.  Didnt get any pics after what I have...the meat got pulled and picked over almost immediatly.  Bunch of scavengers when I brought the meat in from the smoker.


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Never made a rub before the rub I put together turned out better than I thought too. 


3 Tbls. Brown Sugar

2 Tbls. Salt

2 Tbls. pepper

2 Tbls. garlic powder

2 Tbls. paprika



Rubbed it w ith mustard then applied the rub and put it in the fridge over night.  Father in law said he would start supplying the meat if I smoke it for him.  I might have to take him up on it..LOL

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That's great Smokey!


I would definitely take your FIL up on his proposition!

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don't forget to charge! I think the standard is to charge by the hour... remember ..low & SLOW!
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Good looking first smoke thumb1.gif

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Very Nice!




Did you try the finishing sauce?


Ever since I tried it there has been nothing else!

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Nice job!  The butts were an excellent choice for a first smoke.


Good luck and good smoking.

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