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Built my own....finally

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Thanks to sollaryellow and Pops you guys inspired me with your designs so I finally took a shot at building one myself. I definitely learned a lot this first time around, especially what to do differently next time, but all in all I'm quite happy with the results. Looking forward to firing it up for the first time biggrin.gif


Here are some pics...


I used a sheet of birch plywood, expensive but it really looks nice. My wife and I will probably do some cool burn art on the sides at some point.




box pretty much done...I drilled my holes in the 2x4s and then ripped them on the table saw. 




almost done...




I put some heavy duty casters on the bottom and one that has a locking lever...




inside of the door, I lined the seam with some galvanized HVAC parts to cut done on smoke leaking, can't remember what they were called and drilled them in..I then put some weather stripping on it to give some extra seal between the door and the galvanized steel. I only did this on the large door where most of the smoke will be. The smaller door down below seemed to have a much better fit plus with the heat I didn't want the weather stripping material exposed to it.




close up of the door...




I lined the bottom 18" or so with Hardibacker...






final product - thanks for looking!!





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It looks real good!


Do you have a heat source?

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Hi Al, thanks...I just fixed my image hosting issue icon14.gif


anyway, I ordered a gas burner from Northern tool...waiting for that to show. For cold smoking when I need the temp below 100 I have a 1000 watt electric  burner ( probably buy a second since this smokehouse is bigger than my other). I have a single stage temp controller rigged up to control that burner. Here it is..



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Very nice!!!!



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Sweet! Very nice job CBR. Can't wait to see what comes out of it. beercheer.gif

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Great work.

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Excellent Craftsmanship and great size, you'll love it!

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Nice looking smoker icon14.gif

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Originally Posted by CBRHunter View Post

 I lined the seam with some galvanized HVAC parts to cut done on smoke leaking, 

I may be wrong but I thought that was a nono in a smoker



Happy New Year


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Hi sprky, well I figured the galvanized parts don't actually come in contact with the food or the heat source and it doesn't get hot enough inside the box to initiate any molecular level movement of the zinc. 


if anyone has any other info on the subject I'd be happy to hear!

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Unless you are going to get hotter than 375*F, galvanized should be fine. 390*F is the recommended max temp. Coincidentally, that is very close to the flashpoint of some woods so chances are that if you got hot enough to outgas galvanized, your smoker will also be a smoldering pile of ash too.

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