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casing secrets

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Does anyone have a secret to make inedible collagen come off ring bolagna more clean? Smoked some venison rings and casing came off real hard and wasted sausage. Any info would be great.

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Smoke  until 135 degrees and then poach them to your desired IT, I have also heard just dipping them in a boiling pot of water for about 30 seconds works too, I have done the 1st method with natural casings with success, but I never tried the 30 second dip

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I'm sure one of the sausage guru's will be along to help you. Personally, I have never had a problem with those casings, but I use them for pepperoni and they peel off clean.

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You did soak the casings ....right?


I never had that happen except with the freakin Hukki









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