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How bout some "Pork Shots / Pizza ABT's / Pig Candy / Chicken

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my "to do list " is getting to long so might as well start working on getting it done.

Did some "pork Shots" that I seen on a thread from "SQWIB"

some Pizza ABT's from "MIAMIRICK" thread.

pig candy and some chicken.

started with Kielbasa. one to just smoke as is. the other one for the shots


bacon cut in half and Kielbasa slice up

Kielbasa and bacon.jpg

pork shots wrap up. mix Jeff's rub and brown sugar then rolled the bacon in it then wrap the bacon around the Kielbasa

pig shots.jpg

pig candy ,pork shots and Kielbasa ready for the smoker


some pizza ABT's


on the smoker about an 1 1/2 into the smoke.  Probe the chicken at this time


all done


bear-view of the chicken


it was a nice relaxing day on the smoker.

thanks for looking

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks like it's snack time at Ed's house!


Great job buddy!

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Thats a real nice spread...

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Now I would love to have some of thoses apps for sure.

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looks great thanks for the pics.

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i´m getting hungry when i take a look at your pics. Maybe i have to drive to my butcher, right now. I´ll be back.

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great it is good to relax

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Great job, that all looks great!


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2011 was a great year with my smoker. learned a lot here on SMF.

IN 2012 I will learn how to cold smoke Bacon, cheese. make a lot of sausage.

should be a good year !!!!1



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