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Storage Temps

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I have a small refrigerator full of aging cheese, it's kept around 35-38 degrees; cheese is vacuum sealed.

Today I return from a trip- the electricity went out and the temp in the fridge is 45 degrees.

Is the cheese ok, or has it spent too much time over 40 degrees?

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IMHO you are just fine. Personally I would have no problem with the cheese. When I was in the navy my parents would ship me cheese from the cheese factory's in WI. this arrived in a normal card board box in vacuumed sealed packages, this was shipped by the cheese makers not my parents. If my memory serves me correctly the cheese cases were some where in the 45 -50 degree range.

here is some interesting reading.                 If you goggle cheese storage temp I'm sure you will come up with allot more. These links are from when I was researching cheese.


BTW if you want to be 100% safe box it up and ship it to me, I'll take care of the disposal.


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Your fine.

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Like they both said you'll be fine.

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Thank you guys.


Those links are fantastic!

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Like the others have said you are safe. Cheese is a really flexible product

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