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Not Passing On This

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For $40








$89.99 and some change



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A cordless Jerky blaster?

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Yeah  yahoo.gif




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wow nice find there.

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Nice find ! ! ! ! Great deal ! ! ! !

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Now that's really cool!

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Wow, way to go Nepas!  What a huge find, I KNOW some SMF members will jump on that!

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and it can push out smashed taters to....AHHHH HAHAHA

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  • Powered by 7.2V rechargeable battery....most tools today are 15-18 volts....replacement batteries not available.


Not enough power for me...I dont' think it would push a lot of meat out before needing a recharge.


Of course YMMV.









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cool really great find

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Very Cool!

Can you get extra tubes for it?

Would be cool to have a few loaded and ready to go




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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It's here It's here.









Heading to BPS to see if the jerky blaster tubes and nozzles will fit.


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Pretty cool!...JJ

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That's quite a set-up for what - $39??  Great deal.



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Cool. Great deal. Now let's see some jerky.

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Awesome Rick.
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give me a heads up on how it performs.. i may want to get one.....



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Will do a video.

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It sure looks cool. So does it work????

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