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another pork butt pulled with oh poop method

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Well the wife looked into the freezer for some PP. She could find any so it one butt into the smoker. Here we have my regular rub of Old bay and brown sugar.


Then we have in the smoker


and now the foiling


This is where the fun starts. The wife came home alittle earlier then I expected and she wants ulled pork. Fresh out of the smoker and still quite hot I needed to pull some pork for dinner. Well first I starte pulling and I got to some hot stuff. This is what I call the "OH SHIT Method" you pull till it hot and then you stop try to get feeling back into my finger and go at it again. TTTTIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL oh poop thats HOT.aaa3.jpg

Oh poop




Thanks for looking and now she has some Pulled Pork

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Nice job Mark! I don't know of any other method. lol

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Looks-Great.gif that's why I got my self a pair of insulated rubber gloves helps with OOOOOO POOP that's hot.

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help.gif That sure does look good.

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Looks-Great.gif  If momma's happy, everyone's happy!!!  wife.gif

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th_HaHAAHaa.gifBeen their, done that !!! Great looking PP....If you don't mind me asking, what is the ratio of Old Bay to Brown Sugar ???? I have only done a couple BB for pulled pork....The last time the meat turned out great, but I haven't been able to take the time to do another....I have been looking for a different recipe to try...If you don't mind......Thanks ShoneyBoy

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Hey Mark   use two forks!   Thanks for the Qview Buddy!

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Nice job Mark!


I love the expression on your face.


I know it well!


Now I wear 2 pairs of vinyl throwaway gloves & they work real good.


They insulate just enough, without restricting your fingers.

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Originally Posted by adiochiro3 View Post

Looks-Great.gif  If momma's happy, everyone's happy!!!  wife.gif


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I use about 1/3rd brown sugar and the rest old bay. Now on pork the wife alittle more sugar on it.
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It looks like a great meal Mark

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mark, you gotta use some forks buddy!  either that or drink some more beer to numb the pain

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Been there done that, that pp does look good

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Great looking grub :)

Have fun and Happy smoking
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That is the way you do it!

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Ya done good!  I guess you got to sleep in the house?


Good luck and good smoking.

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That looks really good. I LOVE Old Bay on seafood and veggies but have never thought about
using it on pork. I'll give it a try next time. Thanks for the idea!

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lol...glad I'm not the only one...for some reason, every time...I think it won't happen!! 

...but I always end up making that face...

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I used to go thru that pain all the time until I went to the 2 fork method for breaking up the bigger pieces and then finishing with hands as it finally cools down. Know that expression well though

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