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Hello all-


I got my wish and received a new AMPS for Christmas.  I have a 22"WSM, and was wondering how many of you actually use the AMPS in your WSM while hot smoking meat.  I asked for the AMPS mainly to start smoking cheese.  I figure on using the lower grate for the smoke and just use the top grate for the cheese.  My question is this-since I have a little bit of trouble keeping the smoke consistent in the WSM, I was wondering if there is a place to utilize the AMPS while I have coals burning in the lower section?  I use sand in the water pan, so my original thought was to place the AMPS on top of the sand, but don't know if I will get the proper airflow when it is sitting on the sand in the water pan.  Does anyone have any suggestions on this or do I need to just cut the wood chunks into smaller pieces and add more often to the coals while I am smoking meat?  I appreciate any advice, and would like to say Thanks in advance!!

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If you mix in the wood chunks with the charcoal when you fill the ring and use the minnion method starting with about 10-12 hot coals you should get consistent smoke for hours.

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I have the same set up as you and I only use my AMPS for cold smoking. For hot smoking I just toss fist sized chunks of flavor wood in ever so often.

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I've never had a problem with the WSM and too little smoke.  Seems to work just fine with chunks, chips or pellets on the coals.  I seem to recall Todd has tested the pellet smoker at up to 257* so as long as it's on a lower grate and protected from drips it should work.  I just don't know if it's necessary in a WSM for your average hot smoke.


For a cold smoke, it should work great.

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