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First Thunder Chicken and some briskets(A little Q-View)

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Finally getting around to posting my pics from my Christmas morning smoke.  I got up around 0330 and fired up my new MES 30, got everything out of the garage(stays about 34 in there during this time of year) and put inside to come up to room temp.  


Thanks for all your help on these before my smoke by the way!  My mother in law provided the meat and when she arrived with the meat the brisket was in three pieces and the more I looked at it, it appeared that it was a whole packer cut into 3 pieces.  So I tried two in a pan and one above that pan with the trimmed fat and the two turkey breasts below.  I did brine the turkeys for about 8 hours in a cross between Al's  and ChefJJ's brine(i think that's who the two were anyway) and then sprinkled Treager poultry rub on them and did my own rub on the brisket.  Here are the pics before at about 0445.






After my first smoke on the new MES and using chips(came out like crap) I ordered a AMNPS from Todd and will NEVER look back.... Here she is full of hickory(oh and by the way, I didn't order any pellets from Todd, but 2lbs of Oak showed up from him anyway. Now that's service with a smile!)  Thanks Todd!




Here are a few pics from during the cook time and I'm really sorry for no "done" photos but I did let all of them rest for well over an hour and they were superb!  Again, I think I owe this all to Todd and his little device!  Thanks for looking!  


This is after about 2hrs




New Toy!  With one mod




A little TBS and steam, probably won't use water next time.




At about 5hrs and almost done!(Well the birds anyway)




And although I didn't have the results(in picture form) I still feel like I deserved one of these after going to bed at midnight and getting up a 0330 to everyone could eat on Christmas day!  




Thanks for looking!




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Everything looks delicious!

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Yes sir ree thats gonna be one fine dinner there.

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looks tastey

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