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First Ribs in the MES

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I'm doing my first  slabs of ribs today in my new MES  going to go 3,2,1  @225 and using the Bourbon barrel pellets i got with my new AMNPS has any one used these yet  and what flavor characteristic does it have?



a close up


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ribs looks good. be waiting for the finish Q-Views
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Looks like a good start!

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Now thats a good start now continue and don't forget to add more brown sugar on the last leg.

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final pics first ones are just unwrapped and ready for the grill for saucin...





sauced and ready to go.....................



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They look awful good. Let us know how they taste. Great pull back on the bones. I'm sure it won't be the last ones as you'll find friends you didn't know you had!

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