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Christmas Tri-Tip with Q-View

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Smoked another tri-tip for Christmas dinner.  Rubbed with Rudy's, powdered garlic and pepper.


2011-12-24 10.49.03.jpg


Smoked this one in the Weber kettle on indirect heat with Ranchers coal and hickory chips.  Had trouble keeping the temps low, but everything worked out fine.  Smoked about 1.5 hours to 140*.  I basted with a vinegar, honey and fresh-squeezed orange juice during the last 1/2 hour.


I reduced the glaze to a syrup consistency and brushed it over the roast right before wrapping and resting...


2011-12-24 12.38.20.jpg


Sliced and served with Dungeness crab, mashed taters, roasted broccoli and a jello salad.  Quite a nice Christmas feast!


2011-12-24 13.21.18.jpg


Good color, however, I will never take one of these past a cook temp of 130* again --- too done and not as tender as the ones I pulled at 130*.  I'm pretty much the only one who wasn't happy, though.


Thanks for looking!  Merry Christmas!

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Sounds like a dang good dinner. Nice looking Tri Tip.
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Great looking Tri Tip.drool.gif

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Looks Great!!!! Thanks for sharing......

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What a perfect sounding meal! icon14.gif

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It looks yummy .th_crybaby2.gifstill can not fine Tri-Tip here it is not a south African cut  i will have to buy a cow.

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Looks delicious James!

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