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My new slicer!

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My wife surprised me today with a new (to me) slicer!  Bacon here I come!




She also got me a nice #22 meat grinder.  Now to get a sausage stuffer and I'm set!



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Nice looking slicer.  Is it commercial grade?

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Great looking slicer!

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Wow, what a beauty, and a grinder too. Wow, points to the wife.  Good luck.

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Nice,  congrats!


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It looks like a great one

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Looks like you are well on your way!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yes it is a commercial slicer (Uniworld SL-300A), she bought it from a restaurant.  I tried it out on some smoked cheese I had in the fridge and it worked great.



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Congrats that looks like a great slicer

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WOW nice slicer. You better hang on to that little lady she's a definite keeper. MY wife don't share my addiction to smoking. She enjoys the grub but thinks the "TOY'S" are too expensive. 

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