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AMNPS Arrived

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Wooo Hooo!! My AMNPS arrived late this evening! I can see some smoked Bacon in my near future.

Merry Christmas everyone

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Awesome!! I ordered mine a couple days ago. Can't wait to give 'er a go!


I also scored a rib roast this evening for $5.49/lb!!!!! 

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Congrats on the AMNPS, SDiver. Don't forget a little Q-Veiw when you break it in.

gersus, let me know when yours arrives and I should be able to make it in time for supper.icon_cool.gif

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You are gonna love them guys- Let me know if I can help 

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Cool cant wait to see the Q-view

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Couldn't get a better Christmas present!

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My kids are always asking If I can smoke this or that so I got them each one. I guess it's one way to carry on the tradition and make sure they start out right. Thank you Todd for such an amazing tool!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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