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Cool I have been wanting to make sausage but have no grinder or stuffer I gotta try this

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sprky - it's worth a try. aq grinder isn't 100% necessary as i have known people to use a food processor to "grind" meat. also, you can use ground burger or pork for this. if you do use any ground meat with fat already in it, you can probably skip the oatmeal/beer thing.


this buttermilk idea looks interesting. i'll be sure to give it a try, either dry or liquid.

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Tasunka, I used this recipe way back in the day and really liked it.  I see you are using a little chief and made a note about temperature.  When I lived in Idaho I also used a little chief and it seemed the smoking process took forever or I had to revert to my dehydrator much sooner.  What I used to do was put a cardboard box over my little chief to provide some insulation - worked pretty well during the cold weather.

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