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MES 30" Sale..Lowe's $79. 12/2011 - 2/15/2012

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Item #: 298004 |  Model #: 20070106

Saw this online. Can't find one in Atlanta. Wanted to let everyone know in case they want to try and find one.


I talked to store. Model in the store now is 4xxxxx so this could be old model they are closing out.


Good luck finding this!



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Thanks Randy, what a wonderful gift to others.  You Rock!  Merry Christmas.

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I hope someone finds some. I just finished rewiring my MES 40 I found on Craigslist for $25 this summer but at that price, wouldn't mind having a smaller backup. I am guessing it is going to be hard to find but hope some newbies find them. Great way to start at a price you can't even get a charcoal unit for.


Merry Christmas to all!



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Great price!

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Just got this today under the Christmas tree from Santa.  I'm going to have to see if they will price match.  Wife bought this on Dec 23 at Lowes for $179.  It was the last one as a floor model so they gave her 10% off.  If they will not then I'll return it.  That is a big drop in price.

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Good luck with that! I think the only way that would work for you is if you item number matches the one in the ad listed above. 

I am sure that the one for $79 is a discontinued one and they probably have three of them left in Alaska! biggrin.gif

Even if you don't succeed getting any money back, you will still love that smoker. So congrats on the new smoker and enjoy!



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I'm in McDonough on the other side of Atlanta from you and my local store shows "limited availability", but not out of stock.  Is this what you found when you checked your side of town?  For $80 I may have to snag one up if I can find one or get it shipped to local store.  I would prefer the stainless 40" but, $80 is a steal of a deal on a new one. I'm going to call them in the morning.


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Yes, limited availability was what most of them said. But the guy I talked to at store said he did not see any of that item number in the area. Whether he included McDonough in his search, I don't know. Worth checking. I may go to store tomorrow and see if they can find some anywhere. I don't really need one, but at that price, I would get it.


Let me know if you have any success.



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No luck here.  I called and the guy I talked to said they have never had that model at the store and it does not look like they can transfer it in from another store.  He could not find one available in their computer system.  Seems odd it would be on sale for that long and not be available, but I guess it is, what it is....

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I just found one 1970 miles from me. Hope they still have it when I get home next week...

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wow! That is an incredible price. I would definitely pick up one if I could find one. I'll check but I'm not getting my hopes up.


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I just checked my local Lowe's and it shows limited availability in every store close to me. I'm not going to get one anyways but thought I'd check in case someone close wanted 1.

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I saw the deal the morning of the 26th and of course the stores by me didn't have. I called support and they found me one in virginia (i'm in chicago) so i paid shipping and am awaiting ups drop off to my door. Total with shipping was $117, hoping 2 smoke a brisket for new years.

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Just and FYI the other MES 30 at lowes is now $149 at this link


I picked one up today using a 10% off coupon so it was still under $150 after taxes.  You can get a 10% at the post office in the moving packet, or by going to but they take about 5 days to email it to you.  


Really looking forward to using my first smoker and using all the advice in these forums.

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