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pineapple injection?

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Hey guys, I have been searching this site & others for a new injection for my Christmas ham. I'm liking the pineapple injection. Wondering though if the acids would break down the meat too much? I've tried searching unsuccessfully? Just don't want to find out the hard way? Anyone try it & if so how long did you leave it set?

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I probably would only inject it about an hour before you cook/smoke it. Is this ham pre-cooked? If it is, it's not going to break down the meat as much, and you could likely leave it in there longer. I'm smoking my pre-cooked ham (bone in) for the first time this year, usually i just bake it for 4-5 hours with a can of sprite, chicken stock, 2 tbsp's honey, and some bay leaves, peppercorns and star anise. 

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Hey Terry, I have never injected a Ham with Pineapple juice before but I have marinated Flank Steak for 24-48 hours, with a Soy/Pineapple Juice marinade without noticeable deterioration...JJ

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Thanks Chef, I'm only going to inject it overnight. I think it should be fine. Maybe 12 hours. It is pre-cooked.

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