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Help! Trying to smoke an already-cured country ham

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I bought an 18+-pound Burgers' Smokehouse Brown Sugar-Cured Country Ham with the goal of putting it on our smoker for Christmas dinner. It's now four days before Christmas and, as I'm checking the original recipe I was thinking about, I'm worried that I won't be able to smoke this.


Can anyone tell me if I can, in fact, smoke a country ham? Maybe if I soak it in cold water for 3-4 days it'll be OK? Or does it *require* either slicing and pan frying or boiling?


Thanks so much for any help that can be provided.

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Thanks, Craig. I saw this post and read through it, but wasn't sure if it applied since that was a salt-cured (rather than brown sugar-cured) ham. But, based on your referral back to this, I should be safe soaking for a few days then putting it in the smoker?

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Never done it but it seems like the way to do it...



  Good luck!!



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Don't forget to take some photo's!

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Boy, do I have some butterflies about doing this! I'll definitely take photos and will post them. Good think we're having *close* friends and family over who will forgive anything that goes awry ... I'll up the quantity of scalloped potatoes, just to be safe. 51.gif

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I am getting ready start my first country ham as well. I'll following along,  Here goes! 

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Now looking at the link that Craig posted it looks awesome and you should really go for it and I believe that it will turn out fabulous and quite tasty to. So grab that bull by the horns and brine , smoke and serve this thing. Then mail me some.

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Yahoo! OK, I'm officially stoked (pardon the pun) to try this method with this ham. I'll definitely take pictures and post them, and if it comes out tasty enough ... I must just mail you some after all! Thanks for the support!

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For anyone who comes across this post, I've got the full details and photos of the ham at this thread:


Have fun!

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so whats the outcome the linked post is a work in progress as well

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